My Little Star


(0 -1 years)
We encourage your child’s potential and support their learning and development through fun, supportive and age-appropriate philosophies designed to help their ever-changing needs.


(1- 2 years)
We support your child by developing their skills, helping them explore and discover their immense curiosity and natural abilities.

Junior Preschool

(2 - 3 years)
We encourage and support your child’s potential, helping them extend their learning and acquire essential life skills through a dedicated program and experiences to engage their curious minds.


(3-6 years)
We offer a play-based educational learning system which focuses on hands-on experiences that help foster a love of learning and school readiness.


Our Early Learning Centre

Bridging the gap between a fun and interactive learning environment that is play-based and versatile, we believe in the power of hands-on learning. Inspired by Montessori, RIE® and the Reggio Emilia approach, we have incorporated the best of these philosophies to create a high-quality educational program. We pride ourselves on assisting children in developing a love of learning from the very beginning.

Our Benefits

At My Little Star, we understand that creating respectful and nurturing relationships with children is paramount to supporting their growth and development in the first five years of life. We advocate for inclusive practices and aim to achieve high-quality outcomes for all children to ensure they have equal opportunities and experience success in their learning journey.

Respectful and nurturing relationship with children

We believe that developing positive and respectful relationships through meaningful interactions is essential in supporting children’s emotional and social development. When children are nurtured and engaged in respectful and positive relationships, it enriches their sense of being and helps them create a sense of security, wellbeing, and belonging. We believe children thrive when they feel safe, secure and trust in those who care for them.

Promoting an inclusive practice and achieving high-quality outcomes for all children

We understand that each child has different needs, abilities, and uniqueness that influences their wellbeing and learning. We acknowledge that every child has a right to an education that enables them to develop a sense of agency and participate in a high-quality education regardless of their circumstances. Our approach to inclusion and diversity is ensured by allowing each child to experience success and be engaged in challenging age-appropriate learning experiences. We maintain that all children have equal opportunities by reviewing and implementing supportive and inclusive plans and continuously reviewing measures to ensure consistency and equality.

Upholding the rights and dignity of every child

The advocacy of children’s dignity and rights forms the foundation of the Early Childhood Australia (ECA), Code of Ethics, and the Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF). These documents guide our practice and understanding of quality education and care for children. We recognise that children have the right to have a say about decisions affecting them and to have a safe, healthy, supportive environment to grow as active young citizens within our community. Our approach to education promotes children’s participation in decisions that impact them. We maintain a respectful approach where children are consulted and are the centre of every decision we make.

Respect for diversity

We promote and respect diversity by acknowledging and appreciating differences within our community. Children are encouraged to see themselves in the learning curriculum and environment, enabling them and their families to feel welcomed and valued. We believe that a child’s family are their first and most valuable educator. Our team works closely with families to understand their experiences and values in life and to incorporate these differences in our daily activities with our children.


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We work hard to foster an environment that instils feelings of safety, a love of learning and inspires curiosity.

Defining Fun

We help children understand and develop core concepts through play, from interactive toys to open-ended Montessori-based learning resources.

Holistic Development

Inspired by Montessori, RIE® and Reggio Emilia philosophies, we focus on the holistic development of each child. We tailor our program to meet the needs of each child and ensure that all children are given opportunities to develop to their full potential.

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