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Our experienced early childhood educators design My Little Star’s dynamic, vibrant and inspiring program. Our program is based on the knowledge that every child is a natural learner, and they individually develop at their own pace. Unlike outdated programs of previous generations that expected all children to learn the same things simultaneously, our program is flexible, individualistic and engaging. We aim to offer every child a unique, rich and enticing learning experience to give them the best possible start in life.

We work in tandem with the child’s family to have an in-depth understanding of their journey and customise the child’s care and educational offerings accordingly.

Developing programs that are customised to each child, we build methods based on their interests and abilities. We introduce and reinforce concepts such as literacy, numeracy, science, sustainability, art, health and social awareness – in the way that works best for them, through interactive and play-based methods.


(0-2 years)
We encourage your child’s potential and support their learning and development through fun, supportive and age-appropriate philosophies designed to help their ever-changing needs.


(1.5 - 2.5 years)
During this unique phase of a child's development, we support their emerging skills through fun and interactive experiences to help foster a love of learning.

Junior Preschool

(2.5 - 3 years)
We aim to positively impact the lives of your child through access to high-quality play-based learning inspired by the latest research.


(3-6 years)
We offer a play-based educational learning system which focuses on hands-on experiences that help foster a love of learning and school readiness.


(0-2 years)
It is truly a privilege to help your child transition at such a time where every waking day is full of wonders. We follow a RIE® approach and gently support your child as they explore and learn about the world. We have a dedicated nursery classroom to foster the love for exploring in our young children.


(2-3 years)
During this unique phase of child development, we support your child by developing their skills.


(3-5 years)
We encourage the rapid growth of your child’s potential, helping them extend their learning and acquiring essential life skills. Our educators play a vital role in preparing your child for their next stage of life. Our spacious and beautifully designed classroom helps them feel at home and foster their imaginations.

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Offering the best play-based education, ours is an early learning centre that fosters the love for learning in our children.

Our goal is to care for, educate and nurture all children who attend My Little Star. We want to empower children, ignite their dreams and assist them in reaching their full potential.

Play-Based Learning Combined with Early Years Learning Framework

At a tender age from 0 to five years, every child embarks on their learning, understanding, and development journey.

Allow us to partner with you as we take your little star on a journey that will broaden the horizons of their imagination and give them the power to grow to be the best they can!

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