My Little Star

Team member



Pema was born in Paro, Bhutan and moved to Australia in 2018 to complete her Masters in Accounting. She is the eldest in her family and has three younger sisters.


Pema’s favourite childhood memory is celebrating holidays with her family and friends and the sheer thrill of being amongst ones’ loved ones.


Qualification: Studying Diploma of Children’s Services/ Food Safety Supervisor
Favourite Food: Bhutanese and Indian

She is passionate about cooking for children. With herself being a mother, she loves the twinkle in the eyes of little ones at the sight of their favourite delicacies prepared by her. She understands the importance of children eating a nutritious meal and thus leaves no stone unturned in finding out ways to make their everyday meal a healthy as well as a fun experience.
Pema has always wanted to work with children and loves that she gets to see them every day and play her part in spreading some healthy cheer.